Johana Gonzalez

MDS Coordinator, RN, BSN, MDS

My name is Johana Gonzalez and I am a RN, BSN, MDS Coordinator. I graduated from RN school in Florida in 2008 and am licensed to practice both in New York and Florida. I re-located to New York state in 2008 and my first nursing job was in a skilled nursing facility in Manhattan as a charge nurse. I have been working in Fishkill since my move to the Hudson Valley in July 2012. I was hired as a MDS nurse and then became MDS Coordinator the following year. In 2019 I was offered the DON position and I accepted. I was DON from March 2019 until September 2021 when I had the opportunity to return to my previous position of MDS Coordinator. I have remained in Fishkill for 10+ years because here I am part of a great team that makes me feel at home even when I’m working.

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